=The Bracelets=

The Foundation...

In the beginning, there were bracelets. And, there will always be bracelets. Bracelets are the foundation of 'Mindful Intentions' and even though we now carry, and create other products, bracelets will ALWAYS be what we do.

Affordable Quality

We are committed to providing a quality product that isn't ridiculously overpriced. If we sell you a bracelet, you will know immediately that it is of higher quality than anything like it. This is the one testimonial we receive from our customers over and over, and we absolutely pride ourselves on standing behind the product.

Custom Creations

Since most of our bracelets are made as one of a kind, we know you won't always be able to find what your looking for in our store, or on this website. That's why we want you to help us create for you just the right thing to meet your intention. Whether it be a gift, or something for yourself, don't hesitate to help us create, and set the intention together. 

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