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July WorkshopS

Events For The Month Of July

 We're super excited to be hosting several events in the month of July.  Here's a list of what we currently have going on next month:

* July 17th - Post Cards From Spirit      

* July 19th - Healing Circle w/ Christina Saccoia

* July 24th - Reiki Share & Meditation

* July 27th - Meditate and Paint Event

We will be announcing 2-3 other events for July as more details become available!                                 

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Massage by Kristi Gartner (Bodhi Inspirit)



 Swedish massage  incorporating essential oils, activating healing properties in your body  to aid in relaxation and the ease of muscle tension. Blends to choose  from are Clary Sage & Grapefruit, Lavender & Bergamot,  Peppermint & Rosemary, Geranium & Tangerine 


 This service  provides pressure to specific points and areas on the feet that help  release stress, which in turn helps the body heal and regenerate itself.  Parrafin provides pain relief to hands and has skin-softening benefits  as well. 

Swedish Massage

 A combination of  many different techniques to work with the soft tissues and muscles in  the body, helping to restore balance and health, resulting in total  relaxation and releasing any pain or tension that may exist. A perfect  way for anyone who is overly worked and stressed out to relax their body  and mind! 

Therapeutic Massage

 This type of  massage reaches the deepest layer of muscles and tendons to breakdown  adhesions (tense areas within the muscle). Adhesions in the muscle cause  pain, inflammation and limit motion of the muscles and joints. Deep  tissue massage is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout  the body. 

Chair Massage every Saturday during Troy Farmer's Market

Come see Kristi at 193 River Street inside Mindful Intentions EVERY Saturday from 10am-2pm for a 10 minute chair massage for only $10.00. The rave reviews she has been getting from customers is phenomenal! People love her hands!

Bodhi Inspirit Online

Go to Kristi's website for more info regarding private sessions, rates and availability by clicking here: BODHI INSPIRIT

"I'm so surprised this revealed so much!"

Meditate And Paint - Not Your Average Paint and Sip

"Where intention goes, energy flows"~~James Redfield

How would you like to combine two mindful activities into a night of enlightening self awareness?

Join us for an  evening of guided chakra based meditation and energetic  flow painting. NO experience in either modality is needed. Each  creation will be unique to YOUR own energy flow.
We will spend  the beginning of the workshop learning and discussing the chakras and  their influence on your life energy. Once comfortable we will delve into  the guided cleansing meditation of each chakra and the flow of your  energy will be placed to the canvas. Finally we will wrap up the evening  with a discussion and self analysis of your creation. This will explore  the areas in your energy that may need some special attention.

Class  size is limited to 8 and usually takes place on the floor with  meditation pillows. If chair seating is required please send us a  private message so we can have the arrangements made prior to the  workshop. Chair meditation is just as effective, the key is comfort of  mind, body and spirit. It is also suggested that loose comfortable  clothing is worn. Your heaviest meal for the day of the workshop should  be at least 4 hours prior and preferably  No alcohol consumption for the  most accurate energy flow.

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Gratitude Abounds

We welcomed flute player, Brittany Vetter, during Troy Night Out: Spring Sounds in Downtown on May 31st - lots of people joined us on Lower River Street that night, and supported this local artist. Thank you to those who came out to shop and support and dropped a few bucks in her jar!

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How It All Began...

Humble Beginnings

In the late fall of 2016, we began a small little hobby of beading bracelets together as a couple. Sipping wine, listening to good music, and enjoying each other's company. Never could we have ever foreseen what a year would bring us.

"I'd Buy That"

While wearing one of our bracelets, a coworker said to me "I'd buy that" referencing the bracelet I was wearing at the time. Jokingly, I offered it to him, and asked him for $20 - and he did.

This happened over and over again, until one day I said "Maybe we should do more with this", and we did.

Our Commitment

In 2016, it was craft shows, vendor events, and street festivals  that was our venue and our stage. During that time, we have been led to, met, cried with, and feel we have helped many people with creating for them some tangible, and personal reminder of the healing, intention, and mindfulness they seek in their lives. 

You see, after we began taking our bracelets more seriously, we began to study and understand the energetic and healing nature of stones and crystals when worn. Our customers began to realize it too. And, this is why we are 100% committed to our customers who come to us with custom requests, but also those who find something personal in one of our creations.

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